This company was established in l968 after approximately five years of preliminary planning aiming at reciprocating freon compressors.

Through years of research, development and improvement, also to keep in pace with the precision, high quality product requirement due of the industrial development in the R.O.C., this company imported many high precision machines and inspection instruments from Europe, Japan and U.S.A. to up- grade the quality of our compressors, With this investment,and the corporation from all of our staff, the quality of our products was significantly improved. We are the first one, and the only one at present, that manufacture 20-120 tons of open type reciprocating freon compressors in the Republic of China. We also design, manufacture, assemble and install water chilling units, condensing units for customers.

To further improve the quality and perfomance of our products, new investments have been made since 1981 to computerize the design, machining and testing process, that make our products more reliable. Our products have been widely used in the industries of petrochemical, plastic, textile, food, airconditioning, refrigeration and hotel....

Head office:24 Wu Ku Wan South St.Sanchung City,Taipei Taiwan R.O.C
Phone:Taipei(02}2995-4828~9, 2995-4463, 2995-5880 Fax:(02)2995-2990